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My friend Dave and I were overcome with immense positive and peaceful energy a couple of years ago when we attended one of your winter gatherings. He … read more
-- Lisa Bertuzzi LMT, RN, Lisa Bertuzzi Massage Therapy, Ithaca, NY
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What is a home blessing?

Susan Norton Home BlessingA home blessing can be helpful in a number of cases.  If you’ve just moved to a new home or apartment it can be helpful to clear out any old energies of the previous occupants or from the land on which the house was built.  If you’re currently living in a home, you may notice that some parts of the home feel ‘off’.  There may be rooms no one likes to use or stay in.  Guests or visitors may be uncomfortable in that space and they may shy away or leave early, often without knowing why.

There may be feelings of sadness, anger or perhaps even ‘incidences’ of paranormal activity that leave you unsettled.  A home blessing by a trained professional can safely remove all these energies.  I am trained in providing safe effective home blessings.  The use of sacred space, crystals, essential oils, sage and fresh flowers are key components in the blessing.

Once the heavy energies or entities are removed, the owner or resident gets to decide what new energies he or she would like to bring in.  Love and light are brought in, along with the qualities the client may desire, such as abundance and joy.

Blessings, Susan Norton

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